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Stop Snoring right now with a Good Night Stop Snoring Ring!

 It's a risk-free purchase
 Money back guarantee if not satisfied within 30 days
 Stylish and discreet
 Snoring sorted! Drug-free and free of side-effects!




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  • Stop That Snoring TODAY
  1. An almost silent night Posted by : J Dunn on (2nd Jan 2015)

    J Dunn
    I got my husband a snoring ring well before christmas, it didn't strike me as a gift item and I wanted him to stop snoring BEFORE christmas ideally. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly, which I'd expressly requested as we were on a short holiday in early december. It is actually quite an elegant little thing, certainly compared to any of the alternative things I've considered for him. The instructions were rather too small for me so thank you for getting back to me quickly confirming which finger it goes on. The results were mixed, it was less effective when we'd had a big dinner (we were on holiday!) but overall we're really pleased and would hhave given if five stars, but when I popped back to leave this review I noticed the price is £10 less than I paid, which is annoying, but can happen at this time of year oof course. Thank you.

  2. Arrived in a day and... Posted by : Alan White on (16th Sep 2014)

    Alan White
    ...started working after about 2 or 3 goes//nights. It's early doors yet so let's see how we get on, but - for a sceptic - pretty impressed so far.

  3. Thanks! Almost a miracle Posted by : Helen Cartwright on (16th Sep 2014)

    Helen Cartwright
    I'd not have believed there could be such an impact on my husband's snoring from a tiny silver ring, but it's appearing to do exactly what you promised. it doesn't work every single night, but when he's had less than one bottle of red wine the difference is huge!

  4. Snoring cures - this one is... Posted by : Matt Stone on (13th Sep 2014)

    Matt Stone
    ...the only one that worked for me. I haven't tried any of the mouth-guard based ones and am not going to, they look disgusting. recommended.

  • Stop That Snoring TODAY