Stop Snoring with the Good Night Stop Snoring Ring!

Simply wear it on your little finger to help ensure  both you and your partner get a great night's sleep - it's the snoring treatment that actually works - and that's guaranteed.

The most natural, non-invasive and elegant way to stop snoring and the only snoring ring to be fully clinically trialled.



How Does the Good Night Snoring Ring Work?



Good Night Stop Snoring Ring uses acupressure techniques that have been tried and tested for 3,500 years

The ring has two 'triggers', these put light pressure on two acupressure points located on everyone's little finger, so the wearer's airways are cleared to guarantee you and your partner a restful night without snoring. It's a natural and non-invasive way to ensure both you and your partner wake up ready to face the challenges of a new day!

Discover more about the history and science behind what could be your snoring treatment

Each of the three snoring ring sizes is adjustable



What proof is there that this snoring ring works? 

Good Night Stop Snoring Ring is the only product of its kind to be subjected to a clinical trial. Here's the science bit: The clinical trial was a randomized double blind placebo study designed to evaluate and measure the effect of the Good Night Stop Snoring Ring, it took 7 months and was run in 2013. 

The study was compliant with MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) and IRB (Institutional Review Board) guidelines for the study of 'simple snoring' during sleep. 40 adults took part and had their sleep measured over 14 days. 

The Good Night Stop Snoring Ring was shown to have helped in 80 per cent (yes, 8 out of 10) cases, by significantly reducing or stopping their snoring. 

Your Good Night Stop Snoring Ring questions answered

Q: How will I know if it will work for me?

A: You'll only find out by trying the ring. That's why we offer an absolutely no-quibble 30 day money-back guarantee. We are not interested in selling something to you that doesn't work and always honour our full refund policy. 

Q: Isn't acupressure a bit crack-pot?

A: Good question! However, the reaction to such treatments (often labelled as 'alternative' medicine) is varied. There are - of course - sceptics and cynics, but there are also many doctors who embrace natural alternatives when no western medicine answer is available. Additionally, many major medical institutions, such as the NHS, medical insurance companies and other governing bodies either offer or support acupuncture and acupressure.

Q: Why should I use this ring as opposed to other snoring treatments?

A: Your Good Night Snoring Ring is stylish and elegant, it's completely unlike many of the alternatives, such as mouthpieces, which are about as far from unobtrusive as you can get. Neither does it involve any drugs of course and the potential side effects that could go with any sort of drug. Because of the nature of other potential treatments, you won't always find a 30 day money back guarantee is offered either. 

Q: Are there any FDA warnings I should know about?

A: Yes, the warnings are:

The user of the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring should consult with their physician for evaluation of obstructive sleep apnea or other respiratory disorders if their snoring is accompanied by any of the following symptoms:

• Frequent excessive daytime sleepiness
• Periods of not breathing (also known as apnea), as observed by bed-partners
• Awaking short of breathe, choking or gagging
• Do not use if pain or discomfort results
• Do not continue use if ineffective Contraindications:
• A history of heart disease
• Being substantially overweight
• Women in pregnancy
• Not for use by infants or children



The ring really works! I was sceptical at first, but decided to try it and don't regret it at all. The instructions say it might take a few days for the ring to start working so I was patient. I noticed the difference on the third night. Not only that my husband wasn't snoring, but at some point I had to check if he was still alive as I couldn't even hear him breathe! I no-longer have to race to fall asleep before him or risk a sleepless night. Now - even if I hear one deep snore coming - I smile, as I know silence will follow straight after. Even after a significant amount of alcohol.

— Agi Walsh


I purchased a Good Night Snoring ring from you in May of this year and have been impressed with the results. I have told many people about the snoring ring and think I am your best form of advertising.

— Ben G


This is a great product at a great price, I’d recommend it to anyone.

— RJ Thomas

Buy now in complete confidence

Remember, this is a NO RISK purchase. We value your custom and the many recommendations satisfied customers give us, so if you're not happy, we're not! 

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Your complete snoring solution

Face each day full of energy after a great night's sleep, thanks to the most elegant, unobtrusve and effective snoring treatment. Say GOOD NIGHT to snoring with your own Good Night Stop Snoring Ring. Remember, it's a risk-free purchase.


Simply wear the ring on your little finger, exactly as instructed and ideally at least 30 minutes before going to bed.

  • No side-effects

  • Elegant and discrete

  • Available in three sizes (it's adjustable too!)

'My wife says the ring works really well. I will have to take her word for it, as I'm sound asleep! Either way, she is perfectly happy now.' 

Mr W. Dovey, Australia


Snoring? What snoring?


60% of all adults snore at some time or other. 40% do so regularly.

  • Both you and your partner can suffer serious effects from intermittent or insufficient rest
  • It can affect your ability to function properly
  • It could be embarrassing in some circumstances
  • It could be a deal-breaker in some relationships

The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring could be the answer for you. The ring has two triggers that activate two acupressure points located on the little finger, so that the airways and natural biorhythms are cleared to guarantee you and your partner a restful night without snoring.

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